GMP Training Advances Digital Maturity

Our approach prepares teams to drive profitable and scalable omni channel growth with GMP.


Without robust, structured training on Google products, several clients were struggling to extract full value from the GMP platform. Beyond technical training, these clients needed to understand how these tools could help them inform larger business decisions, including how to allocate budgets and where to place their next dollar.


Kepler provided remote side-by-side GMP training in two tiers -- 1) Fundamentals & Ecosystem, and 2) Optimization Techniques and Advanced Measurement -- to tailor instruction to teams’ digital marketing maturity.


With better command of the system, clients made better use of GMP to achieve business goals:

  • Extended tracking into additional Campaign Manager programs
  • Expanded DV360 program beyond direct response campaigns
  • Within 6 months, allocated +30% of budget to non-banner ad tactics
Full Stack Training Includes:
Campaign Manager
Display & Video 360
Search Ads 360
Creative + Media Strategy
Google Analytics 360
Cloud for Marketing
GTM: Data Capture
Google Ads

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