Data-Driven Attribution Drives Subscription Growth

By optimizing bids across the user journey, one client scaled reach by 6x while increasing sales and lower CPAs


A client believed that upper- and mid-funnel non-brand search campaigns delivered incremental sales but didn’t have the data to prove it. Bidding algorithms often allocate more budgets to lower-funnel tactics that are effective but, drive fewer incremental sales. With better attribution, the client could justify a full-funnel approach.


We tested fFive different SA360 Data Driven Attribution (DDA) models categorizing keywords by their place in the user’s journey. Compared against a “last click” lower-funnel model, the DDA models proved early events were undervalued, underbid, and underfunded.


The client expanded its non-brand search campaign 6-x month over month, all while hitting efficiency goals. Total conversions increased and CPA decreased, allowing the brand to consider the entire user journey in its search bidding strategy.

Data Driven Attribution with GMP:
Ads Data Hub
Google Analytics 360
Search Ads 360
Campaign Manager
Display & Video 360
Google Ads

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